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Moonlit Fortress




The sun and moon, celestial bodies of immense beauty and significance, not only guide us with their radiant light but also ignite the inspiration behind the exquisite Compass and Sky Jewelry Collection.


Like faithful compasses, these celestial entities offer their guidance, reminding us of our true direction in life.


The brilliance and enchantment they possess are mirrored in this collection, bringing forth a sense of wonder and awe.


With the Compass and Sky Jewelry Collection,

we celebrate the celestial symphony that dances between the sun and the moon, infusing

each piece with their everlasting allure.

Read more about the inspiration behind the collection.



Lunar Jewelry is inspired by the mesmerizing allure of the moon.
With a dedicated emphasis on capturing the otherworldly
radiance & mysterious charm of this celestial entity,
every piece is meticulously crafted to evoke a deep sense
of fascination & admiration.
By infusing the luminous glow of the full moon, these exquisite jewelry pieces emanate a captivating celestial enchantment
that is truly spellbinding.


The inspiration behind Ouroboros Jewelry is rooted in the ancient symbol of a snake, which represents the circle of life. This timeless emblem embodies the cyclical nature of existence, where birth and death coexist as interconnected parts of the same eternal journey. The bends in the tail of the snake, carefully crafted in our jewelry, symbolize the inevitable challenges and obstacles we encounter along our unique paths. These bends represent the "bumps" in life, reminding us of our resilience and inner strength that allows us to always find our way back to our center, no matter what twists and turns we may face

Stellar jewelry designs draw their inspiration from the celestial constellations, those mesmerizing star formations that have long been regarded as symbols of the zodiac. These heavenly bodies, shimmering and radiating their light from millions of miles afar, serve as an endless source of awe & fascination.
Choose from a variety of zodiac signs to find the perfect piece that resonates with your personal connection to the stars.

Elegant Sustainable Jewelry. Crafted by Hand. Suffused with spirit.

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